Karma Method LLC

We do stuff on the internet

Karma Method was formed in 2013 by co-founders Dave Anderson and Evan Stein. Our goal has been to be awesome. Usually we are.

Karma Method combines digital consultancy with web development. We're a one-stop shop that can take ideas from initial conception through implementation and then to ongoing maintenance/enhancement.

Ok, but what do we actually do?

Our clients tend to be large organizations looking for specialized services including:

Website creation

We've done many projects that use WordPress for things most people don't know WordPress can do as a CMS. Most of our WordPress work has been building large websites for TV networks and media companies.


We provide guidance on how to select, customize, implement, and scale tools that will improve collaboration and workflows. For example, we work with a Fortune 500 cosmetics company to tailor their Atlassian suite of tools (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd) to fit the needs of their global teams and create the governance required to maintain order in business-critical applications.

Data migrations

We've migrated sites built with proprietary content management systems to new platforms, WordPress sites to new data structures, code repositories, ticketing systems and development applications (JIRA, Fisheye, Crucible). We've found ways to scrape static sites and import into content management systems. We stare at large data sets and see the Matrix. And that's not just because one of our co-founders is an Anderson.



Here are some of the projects we've worked on that we can tell you about. We're not spies. Sometimes we're not allowed to talk about clients or specific projects.

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Prior to launch, BritBox, a subscription video on-demand service owned by BBC Studios and ITV, wanted a way for potential subscribers to sign up for product updates
Bowery Boogie has been covering New York news since 2008. We've been designing and redesigning the site every step of the way
Website for Los Angeles-based BBC Worldwide Productions
Custom RSS feed pulling a list of articles written by Syd on BBC.com that powered a module on his Amazon.com author page
A soundboard of ringtones from the show 'Doctor Who' used at kiosks at San Diego Comic-Con, and also made available for fans to use on their own devices
TV network, BBC America, wanted to convert their site to be responsive. We were able to implement multiple viewports using existing content, significantly reducing the project duration
Practech was a smart watch project before smart watches were a thing, and they needed a site for information and lead generation
BBC Worldwide North America wanted a central press site to distribute information about its businesses



We're always excited to discuss new projects or ideas with interesting people and businesses. Send us an email and let's get the conversation started.

New York, US
Email: contact@karmamethod.com